May 01, 2024

2 Days in Brussels with a High-Class Escort

As the administrative centre of the European Union, Brussels is a popular location for conferences and events. This Belgian city is also rich in history, with some UNESCO landmarks, as well as its diverse gastronomical offerings plus museums. In your spare time in this bustling city, there’s plenty to do.

Here is our guide for how to see the best of Brussels in just two days with one of our high-class escorts. 

Touching down

Brussels is just an hour and a half from Manchester or one hour and 15 minutes from Manchester by plane, so you’ve decided to treat yourself to an escort to relax before your presentation at the conference you’re attending, and for good company to see a few sites in Belgium before you head home.

You arrive in the mid-morning having caught an early flight out. You purchased business class for both of you and arrived refreshed. As the weather is similar to the UK you both wear light jackets. Your escort looks great and like the girl next door in the little black denim jacket she has on.

Check into your hotel 

You’ve booked to stay in the boutique Juliana Hotel Brussels which has both a sauna, steam room and an indoor pool. Once you’ve checked in, you head out for lunch - your escort takes your hand as you walk. You love the huge square - Place des Martyrs - that the hotel is in, and you can see your escort’s interest too.

You visit the nearby Le Temps Danse, a street cafe, for lunch, where you can see the stunning church, Église Notre-Dame du Finistère. You both order a croque monsieur and delight in its cheesiness. Your escort tells you that you chose the perfect spot. You thank her, pleased.

From day to night 

Regrettably, it’s time for your conference. Your escort is looking forward to visiting the pool and accompanying sauna. You can’t blame her - the turquoise water with its murals inspired by  Le Corbusier and its Murano glass features make it very inviting.

When you arrive back, tired, your escort is cuddled up in a bathrobe looking relaxed. Suddenly, you aren’t so tired anymore.

Later, after a bit of relaxation, you head out to Le Rossini, a fine-dining French restaurant. You wear a smart shirt, but your dinner date escort takes your breath away in her classy cocktail dress. You have the barbecued duck breast and your escort tries the artichoke and pecorino ravioli.

You share a bottle of wine, and tipsy, return to the hotel. Your escort does a good job of tiring you out and you both sleep deeply.

Morning glory 

The next morning, the weather is cool. You have a refreshing walk to Kaffabar for breakfast. You both enjoy strong, smooth coffee and fresh pastries.

You then walk the 10 minutes to one of Brussels' most popular attractions - the Grand Place. This square is pretty grand, living up to its name. You sit and notice small details on the buildings which include Romulus and Remus with their wolf mother, and a swan where Marx wrote the Communist Manifesto. 

Taking in the culture

From here, your escort says she’d like to see the Musical Instruments Museum. You agree as it's a 10-minute walk away and you’re intrigued. You put on headphones and step on floor panels to hear instruments being played. The museum is internationally renowned for its collection of over 8,000 instruments.

The museum is housed in the art-nouveau Old England Building. This former department store was built in 1899 by Paul Saintenoy. From the panoramic rooftop terrace, you can see across the city. 

The sun comes out as you dreamily exit the museum. You buy your escort a homemade waffle from a stand on the street topped with Nutella, as it’s her first time in Brussels. You end up buying yourself one, too, and she teases you.

You choose to visit the Musée Magritte, which displays the surrealist art of René Magritte, a Belgian pioneer. Your escort surprises you by already being a fan, and you reflect on how glad you are that she came with you as you gaze at his paintings, which range from strange to downright unsettling. Your escort buys a ‘Ceci n’est pas une pipe’ t-shirt which makes you smile.

The museum makes up just one of the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium. You wish you had time to visit them all.

However, you do both have time to visit the nearby Manneken-Pis. The bronze statue, right by the Grand Place, depicts an angelic little boy urinating in the fountain. It was created in 1619 and is now often dressed up for special occasions.

Manneken-Pis has before taken on the symbolic roles of protector of the city and spokesman for the people of Brussels, and he remains extremely popular hundreds of years later. Your escort thinks he’s cute, which to be fair, he is. 

Until next time

You stop to purchase a cone of frites, classic in Belgium and let your escort sneak a few. Then it’s time to head back to the airport. On the flight back, your escort falls asleep on your shoulder.

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