May 07, 2024

A Guide to Roleplay and Fetish escorts

With Megan’s Models, you can unleash a side of yourself you usually keep private, and truly let go of your inhibitions. This is what roleplay is all about - tapping into new, different and exciting parts of yourself. Roleplay can be as lighthearted or as intense as you like - part of the fun is discovering what turns you on the most.

Why should I try roleplay?

Everyday life is often subject to drudgery, work, bills, putting fuel in the car, fixing the leaky tap, Netflix, repeat, with small variations. Often, we fall into roles fitting what’s expected of us. Sometimes, they’re about as exciting as watching paint dry.

With roleplay, you can become someone else. You control the setting, the scenario, and the characters, with yourself as the lead role. If you spend all week telling others what to do, it can be an exciting chance to be more submissive and relinquish control. 

What could be more exciting than the chance to be who you really are - or who you want to be - with a woman who looks like she’s stepped right out of your dreams? All of our elite roleplay and fetish escorts specialising in roleplay and fetishes are ready to be part of whatever kinky fantasy you can dream up. Act out your fantasy, and combine it with your hottest fetishes.     

What roleplay ideas can I explore?

Our high-class roleplay escorts are more than happy to help you discover your innermost desires. Roleplay can be as simple or as creative as you like.

Here are some of our sexiest and most popular fantasies - but it’s by no means an exhaustive list…

  • A naughty nurse and patient, who is ready to give the most sensual, intimate, thorough and electrifying examination of your life.

  • A strict teacher and a disobedient student, who will punish you for misbehaving - just like you used to hope your hot teacher in high school would punish you!

  • A kinky air stewardess who wants you to join the mile high club in the up-close quarters of those tiny restrooms. Who needs personal space?

  • A French maid who simply has no idea what it’s doing to you every time she bends right over in front of you - giving you a tantalising glimpse sure to get your heart racing.

Roleplay or fetish?

Roleplay and fetishes have a lot of overlap - both push boundaries into areas we usually keep secreted away. Cross-dressing, foot fetishes and dom/sub are all fetishes which have scope for aspects of roleplay. 

At Megan’s, our VIP, open-minded escorts will make sure you have a night to remember. BDSM is a popular fetish and fantasy that many people love to explore. Being handcuffed or tied up and letting someone do whatever they want to you is a popular aspect of fantasies. Our escorts specialise in roleplaying and fetishes, and will become whoever you want them to be, switching up power-play dynamics with an ease and speed that will both surprise you and turn you on. Adding bondage or cross-dressing into your fantasy can bring a thrilling layer of realism and boundary-pushing sure to drive you wild too.

Whatever your fantasy is, the sky's the limit. There’s no need to be embarrassed - our elite escorts are experienced professionals who have seen, heard, and done it all. We are here to help you bring your deepest darkest kinks out into the light. Whatever happens behind closed doors will stay between the two of you - until next time.

Why choose Megan’s Models?

Our talented escorts will help to show you just how powerful your imagination can be, even if you never before thought of yourself as particularly creative. They can also realise parts of yourself that you perhaps never even knew were there, just waiting for someone to tap into them. 

High-class escorts are chosen for their intelligence, skill and beauty. They have an easy charm and versatility working with different kinds of people that lends itself well to roleplay, while still having an element of luxury that means every penny you spend will feel so completely worth it for how convincingly they can be the role you’ve assigned to them.

There is also a huge range of choice - and each one of those choices is absolutely drop-dead gorgeous. If you fantasise about a shy brunette who looks like butter wouldn’t melt in her perfect mouth, before you bring out her wild side - we can cater to that. Whether it's a stroppy blonde who you want to put in her place, or a raunchy redhead practically spilling out of her nurse’s uniform, Megan’s Models will help you create your fantasy right down to the tiny details. The realism will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. 

How do I book?

Hot under the collar now? We’ve got you covered. To book, simply browse our range of gorgeous models before you use our easy, streamlined online booking system. Make sure to fill out the special requirements section if there’s a particular fantasy you’d like. Alternatively, call us on 07404249246 and our friendly operators will be happy to help you.